turkeys voting for Christmas

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Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) following fashion trends

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b) acting very kindly

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c) doing something against your best interests

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If people are like turkeys voting for Christmas, they choose to accept a situation which will have very bad results for them.

French translation

scier la branche sur laquelle on est assis, se jeter dans la gueule du loup, donner le bâton pour se faire battre


Examples in context

‘Dudley Council may hold council tax rise referendum. At least they want to give people a say on whether we’d want to pay more council tax, but it doesn’t take a genius to work out what the answer’s going to be like - it’s like turkeys voting for Christmas. I can’t help thinking it’ll be a waste of time and money.’

BBC News, 29 Nov. 2012


‘Robinson politely invites the turkeys to vote for Christmas

’DUP leader’s plan for an opposition would yield a neat two-party state.

The DUP rally in the La Mon hotel in the east Belfast countryside over Friday and Saturday – as mentioned here before, the term “conference” doesn’t quite cut it – was once again a flag-waving, tub-thumping, back-slapping, very exuberant, very confident affair.

Up to 800 delegates enjoyed Peter Robinson saying that Gerry Adams calling for a Border poll on a united Ireland – a referendum he was certain would be hugely defeated – “makes turkeys voting for Christmas look like a carefully considered strategy ”.’

The Irish Times, 26 Nov. 2012


Everyday usage

Teachers agreeing to even larger class sizes would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.

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