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Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) risky venture

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b) gold mine

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a bonanza is a situation which creates a sudden increase in wealth, good fortune, or profits. It also refers to a large amount of something desirable.

French translation

une aubaine, un filon ; ’economic bonanza’ would translate as prospérité économique.
When it refers to a large amount of something, bonanaza is equivalent to exceptionnel, pléthore


Examples in context

‘Brexit bonanza : Lawyers encouraging corporations to sue UK & EU member states

Brexit could become a money-making machine for law firms that make millions when corporations sue nation states via trade and investment agreements. Not only are these law firms paving the way for Brexit-related corporate claims against the UK, they are also building up the UK as a gateway for more investor claims against EU countries in the future.’, 27 Sept. 2017


’Summer washout drowns hopes of UK wildlife bonanza

August rains wiped out the promise of a long-awaited bumper summer for birds, insects and plants, say experts, though autumn will be good for fungi.

The summer holiday washout wiped out a much needed bumper season for wildlife across the UK, according to wildlife experts at the National Trust.

A normal winter and balmy spring provided ideal conditions for birds, insects and plants but the heavy rains that rolled in during August dampened the promised bonanza. However, the weather patterns should see a good autumn for fungi and some nuts and berries.’

The Guardian, 1 Sept. 2017


Everyday usage

The rise in house prices meant that those who were selling enjoyed a bonanza.

The magazine will hold another fashion bonanza in the spring.

It is also fair to recognize that during years of bonanza we wasted resources and our idealism ran high along with the dreams accompanying our heroic process.

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c) family business

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