the best thing since sliced bread

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Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) something that is uniquely complex

Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again.

b) something for every taste

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c) a great innovation

Well done ! That’s the right answer.

If you say that something is the best thing since sliced bread, also the greatest thing since sliced bread, you think it is fantastic or extremely good. It often refers to something that is the best and most useful innovation or development invented for a long time.

It may also refer to someone who is considered as an excellent person.

The common phrase, ‘the best thing since sliced bread’, may have come into use after an advertising slogan for Wonder Bread, the first commercial manufacturer of pre-wrapped, pre-sliced bread.

French translation

ce qu’on a fait de mieux, la chose/personne/invention la plus géniale

How NOT to translate : *la meilleure chose depuis le pain en tranches

Examples in context

‘Plastics : Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread or a Threat To The Earth ?
Plastic is an incredibly useful material, but its strength is also the main problem for the ecosystem.
Is plastic the potent of disaster we are all told it is ? Or has it been one of the most important materials mankind has ever created ?’

Interesting Engineering, 20 April, 2019


‘Beer lovers will be able to raise a glass to toast one of the North East’s traditional favourite foods when a new tipple is launched next month.
For Camerons Brewery will be producing a new beer called Stottie - and it could turn out to be the best thing since sliced bread..’

ChronicleLive, 20 Oct. 2018


Everyday usage

Wow ! This electric bike is the best thing since sliced bread !

My brother doesn’t like him very much, but my parents think he’s the best thing since sliced bread !

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