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Shake Up Business with Effective Meetings

How do you word items on your meeting agendas?

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Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.

a) Keywords with bullet points

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b) Questions

Well done! That’s the right answer.

Instead of listing topics for discussion, phrase them as questions that need answers. This will keep the meeting focused on decision-making and achieving the overall objective.

‘Does it work for information-sharing meetings or updates’, you may ask ?

Absolutely !

While agenda questions might seem more suited to decision-making meetings, they can be equally effective for information sharing.

By phrasing your agenda items as questions, you’re setting the stage for decisions. Instead of simply stating ‘Project Update’, a more impactful question might be ‘Should we adjust the project timeline based on current roadblocks ?’

This question prompts participants to come prepared to discuss solutions and next steps, not just provide passive updates.

This way you are definitely crafting your agenda for action.

=> TIP

Make sure to prioritise ruthlessly. Not all topics are equal. Identify the most important items that need to be discussed and decide what can be tabled for later.

Allocate time. Estimate how much time each agenda item will take and include that information in the agenda. This will help keep the meeting on track and ensure there’s enough time for discussion and decision-making.

5 March 2024

c) Complete sentences

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d) Emojis only. Fewer words, more fun !

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