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to put someone in the picture

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a) to include someone

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To put someone in the picture’ means to include or inform someone about a project or a certain topic.

French translation

mettre quelqu’un au courant

How NOT to translate : *mettre quelqu’un dans l’image


Examples in context

‘Titchmarsh under fire for using peat

Miss Fowler said peat extraction is harming rare birds like dunlins, insects like dragonflies and endangered plants like butterworts. It is estimated that the industry releases 630,000 tons of carbon emissions every year, the equivalent of 300,000 extra cars.

"Only one per cent, or 700 hectares, of England’s original, raised peat bog – home to thousands of species of wildlife – survives intact," she said. “It’s time for garden owners across the UK to be put in the picture about peat and realise that the Good Life isn’t just about what’s good for them. "’

The Telegraph, 22 June 2011


‘Good Samaritan threatened with arrest after organising whip-round for pensioner’s £115 penalty fare

A train guard threatened a passenger with arrest after he went to the aid of a sobbing pensioner who had boarded the wrong train.

When he was told he should not interfere, he started a whip-round among fellow passengers.

’Everyone was happy to help and someone even put in £30.’
The ticket was duly bought, but when Mr Wrigglesworth got off the train at Euston he was met by transport police officers.

He said : ’Thankfully a couple of the other passengers helped to explain. Once the police had been put in the picture they walked away.’’

The Daily Mail, 10 October 2008


Everyday usage

Let’s call Thomas, we need to put him in the picture about the new project.

Carol put me in the picture this morning, so now I can continue with my errands.

I don’t want to put him in the picture as he tends to be very messy.

b) to introduce someone

Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again.

c) to seduce someone

Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again.

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