T-learning # Pitch & Presentation

Present with Confidence and Impact

Which is least effective in your presentation slides?

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Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d.

a) Pictures or supporting video clips

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b) Bullet points

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Bullet points mean text. Great presenters don’t use bullet points much, but rather use images, photos, or even video clips. Think of Steve Jobs. All his presentations made use of pictures to convey and make information stick in people’s minds.

=> TIP

Research shows that information delivered in pictures and images is more memorable than words. Scientists talk of the Picture Superiority Effect (PSE), to refer to the finding that, all else being equal, pictures are remembered better than words alone.

What to think about for your next presentation slides:

> Try using more images or icons and fewer words*. Be prepared to cut off unnecessary information.
> Use pictures that grab your public’s attention
> Check that your photos are relevant
> Include video, infographics and animation
> Use charts and graphs without crowding your slides
> When using bullet points, the 6 x 6 rule is a good guide. Use no more than six bullet points per slide and no more than six words per bullet point/line.

If possible, have your slides checked by a colleague or friend.

*Carmine Gallo (The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, 2009) recommends striving to have no more than 40 words on your first 10 slides.

19 April 2023

c) Charts and graphs

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d) Infographics

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