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to be in two minds

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a) to be unable to attend

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b) to be unable to decide

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To be in two minds or to be of two minds means to be unable to decide about something.

French translation

ne pas arriver à se décider, être partagée à propos de quelque chose

How NOT to translate : *être dans deux esprits


Examples in context

‘‘Pro game is about making every punch count’ – boxer Dec Spelmen reflects on the uppercut that floored Mitch Mitchell

“In my first sparring session about three weeks before the fight, a six-rounder with a kid from Nottingham, I broke my nose,” the Scunthorpe boxer smiled.

“He really caught me with one of the last punches. I looked at it and my coach said straight away that he didn’t think I’d be able to box.

“I was in two minds whether to pull out or not but we decided we’d just not do any more sparring and that I would keep my fitness there and focus on skill and power."’

The Scunthorpe Telegraph, 28 November 2015


‘Eversheds expert urges Black Friday bargain hunters to check the small print

Dave Hughes, principal associate at law firm Eversheds’ Cambridge office , told the News consumers need to be aware of their rights when searching for deals in stores and online.

"If you’re in two minds about buying something, ask the seller what their returns policy is – these can vary a lot between retailers. Some will give you money back with no questions asked, others will be much stricter. If you’re shopping online, you can return anything you don’t want within 14 days of delivery. But do check with the seller, because there are exceptions."

He added that expensive warranties which appear to offer extra protection may not be worth the paper they’re written on.

"Retailers often offer an extended warranty for expensive electronic items," he said. "But before you pay extra check if you will really get the benefit, as you may already have legal rights against the seller - such as repair, replacement or appropriate refund - if anything goes wrong with your item.’

Cambridge News, 27 November 2015


Everyday usage

I’m in two minds about this proposal, I think I need more time to decide.

We wanted to go ahead using this business model, however Martin seemed to be in two minds about it.

c) to be unable to find an answer

Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again.

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