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We’re cooking on gas !

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Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) We’re being a bit slow !

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b) We’re doing well !

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we are cooking on gas’ is something we say when we mean we are making good progress, we are succeeding. The phrase is often "Now, we’re cooking on gas !", to mean that, after a time of trial and error, "we’re finally rolling."

We are cooking on gas ! is used by the British, whereas the Americans say cooking with gas. The phrase is rather informal.

French translation

ça roule, on avance bien

How NOT to translate : *On cuisine au gaz !


Examples in context

‘After a few hiccups, we’re cooking with gas

For several years, my wife, Cindy, and I endured renovation after renovation to slowly transform our 1960s split-level home into a contemporary space. In the fall of 2013, it was finally time to tackle the last room in the house : the kitchen.

When we moved into our Virginia home 14 years ago, we painted the dark wood cabinets and over time had replaced all of the appliances. It had turned into a mishmash with a distinctly retro look. But this time we were going to do it right : gutting the entire room, down to the floorboards and wall studs. We would start with a blank slate and get our dream kitchen.’

Standard.net, 30th March 2015


’J.R. Smith Is Cooking With Gas

We all know by now how J.R. Smith’s arrival changed the team. If you have eyes, you’ve noticed those quick hands and a three-point stroke that heats up justlikethat. He wasn’t going to start but came in and put that idea to rest.

Smith is a surprisingly good off-the-ball defender and less competent in the pick-and-roll. He’s a savvy vet who really knows how to get his hands in the passing lanes but maybe has a little trouble getting over the top of a good pick.’

Cleve Scene, 24th March 2015


Everyday usage

We’re cooking on gas. Keep the work coming in like this and we’ll meet the deadline for the marketing project.

Fiona was cooking on gas yesterday. She finished all the financial accounts for 2014 and sent them to the accountant.

c) We’re living dangerously !

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