a white lie

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Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) a kid’s lie

Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again.

b) a half-truth

Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again.

c) a polite lie

Well done ! That’s the right answer.

If someone tells a white lie, they are telling a lie in order not to upset someone.

French translation

un petit mensonge, un pieux mensonge

How NOT to translate : *un mensonge blanc


Examples in context

‘Paul Pogba IS a transfer target for Real Madrid as Juventus general director accuses Carlo Ancelotti of telling ’white lie’

Juventus general director Giuseppe Marotta has claimed Real Madrid ARE interested in signing midfielder Paul Pogba.

Carlo Ancelotti told Sky Italia that he was an admirer of the 21-year-old, but insisted the Champions League winners did not intend to make a move for the former Manchester United youngster.

However, Maratto has accused Ancelotti of telling a ’white lie’ and insists the Italian has made enquiries about Pogba.’

The Daily Mail, 19th January 2015


’The Top 10 White Lies Managers Tell – Infographic

For the most part, executives and managers are honest people. But all of us find ourselves in the position of telling a “little white lie” from time to time. ManageElite asked 1,133 executives and managers which white lies they have told.

1. “I was just getting ready to call you.” 49.4%

2. “Yes, that’s on my list of things to do next.” 47.2%

3. “There are no stupid questions.” 46.8%’

Manageelitetraining.com, 3rd May 2013


Everyday usage

I don’t see the harm in telling the occasional white lie if it spares someone’s feelings.

I really didn’t want to go to my boss’s dinner party, so I told a white lie and said I had to go to a friend’s wedding party that night.

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