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a drama queen

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a) someone who spends lots of money

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b) someone who over exaggerates

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a drama queen’ is someone who over exaggerates and is highly over dramatic about a situation. Normally someone with a big personality, who is not timid and has overly emotional reactions to situations.

French translation

en faire des tonnes, faire du cinéma, en faire tout un drame

How NOT to translate : *une reine du drame


Examples in context

‘1,000 Number ones : A chart history

Selling 400,000 copies in just four days, Wild ! was the second in a run of five consecutive number one albums for synthpop duo Erasure.
Despite the titular exclamation mark, it was their most mature record to date, opening with a sombre piano instrumental, and taking melodic flights of fancy on the hit single Blue Savannah.
At the time, frontman Andy Bell was one of the few openly gay pop stars and, while the record addressed gay themes (Drama ! is about a "drama queen" who puts his friends through "one psychological drama after another"), the band were careful not to be too outrageous.’

BBC News Online, 24 Nov. 2013


‘Andy Murray denies being ‘a drama queen’ after French Open recovery

It takes a lot to get Andy Murray angry. But he was red-lining just this side of apoplexy when told that Virginia Wade, whom he has known since he was young, had called him "a drama queen " during his heroic comeback against Jarkko Nieminen in the second round of the French Open.
Wade, the former Wimbledon champion, observed on Eurosport : "I have tremendous sympathy that his back is bad but I have more sympathy for the other guy as, honestly, you cannot play against someone who is being a drama queen. "
Murray woke up with back spasms and struggled to put weight on his left leg after pre-match practice but decided to risk it against a player he has comfortably beaten three times.’

The Guardian, 31st May 2013


Everyday usage

She really does blow everything out of proportion. She is such a drama queen.

Stop being a drama queen, it’s only a little cut, it should not hurt that much.

Come off it, don’t be such a drama queen !

Don’t get us wrong, it doesn’t just apply to women !

c) someone who loves the cinema and theatre

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