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I rest my case

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a) This proves my point

Well done ! That’s the right answer.

’I rest my case’ is something that you say when someone says or does something that proves the truth of something you have just said.

Literally and originally, the phrase means ’I have completed the presentation of my argument’, as said by a lawyer.

To say "I rest my case" in everyday language means that, as far as you are concerned, you’ve done more than enough to prove your point, and need say no more. It’s often used in an ironic manner, to highlight when someone inadvertently says something that supports the claim you are making, as in the follwing example :

 John : "You know your problem, Bill ? You’re far too quick to descend to insulting people who disagree with you."

 Bill : "Don’t be ridiculous ! That’s the sort of thing only a complete idiot would say."

 John : "I rest my case..."

French translation

CQFD, c’est bien ce que je disais, (je crois que) je n’ai rien à ajouter

How NOT to translate

*Je repose mon cas


Examples in context - Vintage stuff !

‘A Switch ? Many Mac Fans Say ’No’

The New York Times received more than 150 letters from readers — nearly all from outraged Mac fans — in response to ’’Clan Macintosh Feels the Pain’’ (April 2). Here are a few of them :

To the Editor :

I got a Mac to run Windows better than any so-called Windows machine. I get the best of three worlds : superfast processing, the elegant Mac interface and the ability to ’’go stupid’’ and run Windows.

Windows succeeded for a simple reason. Business thinks computers should be complicated. A friend (real DOS-head) once criticized the Mac by saying : ’’It’s too easy ! You don’t have to known anything about computers to use it !’’ I rest my case.’


Norwood, N.J., April 2, 1998


Everyday usage

Ned’s mother said he needs to leave home or he’ll never be independent. His sister said, But he can’t even do his washing and his mother replied, I rest my case.’.

Your remark just supported my position ! I rest my case.

Mother : You were drinking last night !
Son : No, I wasn’t, I swear !
Mother : Then what is this beer can doing in your room ?
Son : Uhhhhhh.....
Mother : I rest my case !

b) This is not what I mean

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c) This is a long story

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