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Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) demotivated

Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again.

b) nearly defeated

Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again.

c) hardly planned

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If something is half-baked, it is badly thought out and not planned carefully.

French translation

qui ne tient pas debout, boiteux, bancal

How NOT to translate : *à moitié cuit


Examples in context

‘England cannot afford to be half-baked against Sri Lanka at the Cake Tin

Such is the nature of this World Cup that, theoretically at least, England and Sri Lanka play a match that neither really should need to win to progress to the quarter-finals.

But anyone who has been watching the sterling performances being put in so far by Ireland, Afghanistan and Scotland will understand that those nations below the top eight no longer represent the free points they once did.’

The Guardian, 27th February 2015


’Design- Led Companies Work, but not without designers

IF “DESIGN-LED” is the gospel in the Valley these days, it isn’t one that’s preached with much consensus.

While there’s no single way to lead with design, it absolutely requires strategically positioned designers. They are the connective tissue that make design-led companies work. They are the bridge that spans the gap between idea and execution. They are the difference between a brand, product, or service that’s half-baked, and one that’s a homerun.’

Wired.com, 3rd March 2015


Everyday usage

The marketing plan did not include sales figures from the previous quarter. It would have been approved if it weren’t so half-baked.

John planned to sell his shares in the company without a backlash. It was just another half-baked scheme of his - it was never going to work.

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