he’s cooked his goose

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Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) he must suffer the consequences of his actions

Well done ! That’s the right answer.

he’s cooked his goose’ means that you are about to suffer the consequences from your actions, to bring something upon yourself.

French translation

ses carottes sont cuites, il s’est tiré une balle dans le pied

How NOT to translate : *il a cuisiné son oie


Examples in context

‘Has Romney cooked his goose with the 47% line ?

The GOP candidate, who was not the favorite of many in the party before he won the nomination, is running out of time to reverse momentum in the race’

Mitt Romney’s string of self-inflicted setbacks has dragged on so long that it’s becoming hard to remember when he actually had a great week on the campaign trail.

Not much has gone right for the Republican nominee since he left for Europe in July and promptly suggested the Brits hadn’t done a sterling job with the London Olympics.’

NY Daily News, 18th September 2012


’Man cooks his goose so wife cooks him !

THE Woman who Cooked her Husband, Debbie Isitt’s black comedy at the Garrick’s Lauriston Theatre, takes you on a culinary journey of bizarre proportions or should I say portions.

For Kenneth, married to Hilary for 19 years, is a glutton for his first wife’s food, his second wife’s sex and, ultimately for punishment.

Although he’s fallen for the younger woman’s charms, he still can’t resist Hilary’s meals prepared in her spotless kitchen.’

The Warrington Guardian, 12th April 2013


Everyday usage

Jimmy opened his presents on Christmas morning before everyone else. Look ! He has left the wrapping paper everywhere ! That’s it, he’s cooked his goose.

He ate the whole turkey and left his plate on the table. It is so obvious, he’s cooked his goose.

b) he cooked the meat ready for the Christmas meal

Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again.

c) he will be rewarded for his actions

Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again.

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