a copycat

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Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) someone repetitive

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b) someone who imitates

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a copycat’ is someone who imitates or copies what another person does exactly instead of thinking of their own idea or making the effort themselves.

French translation

un imitateur

How NOT to translate : *un chat copieur


Examples in context

‘Hack attacks battled by net’s timekeepers

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are those that try to shut servers down by overwhelming them with data.
The success of the Derp Trolling attack prompted a lot of copycat activity, said Mr Anstee from Arbor.
"Since that event it’s gone a bit nuts to an extent and that tends to happen in the attack world when one particular group succeeds," he said. "We’ve seen an explosion in NTP reflection activity."’

BBC NEWS, Technology 20 March 2014


A man who admits he "cannot knit a stitch" is hoping to cover the streets of Cambridge with knitted bunting and wool artwork during the Tour de France.
Cycling enthusiast Rad Wagon is recruiting people to knit 3,000 miniature "Tour jerseys" and wool-covered bicycle wheels.
A similar "mini-jersey" idea is being promoted by Harrogate Borough Council for the Yorkshire stage of the race.
The public response to that was so overwhelming the council had to ask people not to send any more knitting to them.
"It’s a bit copycat but we can do so much more," Mr Wagon said.

BBC News, England, 15 March 2014


’Michael Madison East Cleveland accused ’copycat serial killer’ charged with three deaths

A US man suspected of being a copycat serial killer has been charged with aggravated murder in the deaths of three women.
Police say there may be more victims yet to be discovered in East Cleveland, Ohio.
"This is an ongoing investigation. We’re nowhere near done," East Cleveland Police Chief Ralph Spotts told reporters.’

The Sydney Morning Herald, 23rd July 2013


Everyday usage

He is such a copycat. He never thinks of his own ideas.

I have had enough of you getting all the credit. Stop being a copycat and do it by yourself.

It can’t have been him who did it, it must have been a a copycat killer.

c) someone very secretive

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