to be flavour of the month

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Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) to be lucky

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b) to be popular

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to be flavour of the month’ means to be the most popular person or object at a particular time.

French translation

être la coqueluche du moment, être dans les petits papiers de quelqu’un, être en odeur de sainteté

How NOT to translate : *être le parfum du mois


Examples in context

‘McDonald’s in crisis : can it fight off the Five Guys threat ?

After decades of expansion that saw McDonald’s march into China, Russia and expand around the world, the burger brand is no longer flavour of the month. A million people have turned their back on McDonald’s in 2014, and profits went with them.

Last year McDonald’s’ annual net income dropped 15% to $4.7bn - making 2014 one of the worst years in the company’s history.’

The Guardian, 2nd May 2015


Being flavour of month is Gary’s goal

MATCH of the Day presenter Gary Lineker is one of England’s greatest ever footballers, not to mention an accomplished broadcaster. And you might have noticed him in a few adverts for crisps over the years. In an exclusive chat he talks about balancing the responsibilities of being flavour of the month.

Lineker, the second highest international goalscorer in England’s history with 48 goals, is often referred to as ‘Leicester’s favourite son’, and it was that connection that first initiated the longstanding association, with Walkers also emerging from the Midlands city.’

Evesham Observer, 13th March 2015


Everyday usage

Role-playing games are suddenly flavour of the month.

Everyone loved Joan’s presentation. She is definitely flavour of the month.

After that meeting, we all know that Nick is not the flavour of the month. No one listened to his ideas.

c) to be trendy

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