to shoot from the hip

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Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) to be very ambitious

Sorry, wrong answer. Please try again.

b) to be lazy

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c) to speak frankly

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To shoot from the hip means to speak or behave in a brusque fashion or without careful consideration of your words or actions.

French translation

agir précipitamment, parler de but en blanc, dégainer trop vite


Examples in context

’The Noose opens at Canvas

KARACHI : The thing with young artists is that they are never afraid of airing their views. They shoot from the hip. This often results in experimentation with the mediums that they employ to propagate their ideas. The risk with experimentation is that if there is no method to the madness involved, it can turn sour. Not always though. Still, madness is crucial if the artist is to use his/her imagination to the optimum.’, 30 May 2012


’Is the United States an empire in decline ?

While Mr Romney has come under a good deal of fire recently for gaffes, or shooting from the hip, it is only fair to point out that on China, Mr Obama has been triangulating - or adjusting his policy closer to those advocated by his critics - on trade relations with China. This week he suggested he might introduce new tariffs on Chinese car imports - and has already quietly been upping the duties on other manufactured goods.’

BBC News, 20 Sept. 2012


Everyday usage

John has a tendency to shoot from the hip, but he generally speaks the truth. Don’t pay any attention to John. He means no harm. It’s just his nature to shoot from the hip.

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