a walk in the park

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Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) Something that is relaxed

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b) Something that is like a dream

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c) Something that is easy

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If something is a walk in the park, it is a job or a task that poses no difficulty and is pleasant to do, normally compared with something.

French translation

facile, une partie de plaisir, une promenade de santé, c’est frisette

How NOT to translate : *une promenade dans le parc


Examples in context

‘Syria to allow UN to inspect ’chemical weapons’ site.

Later, Syria’s Information Minister, Omran Zoabi, warned that US military action in Syria would not be “a walk in the park.”
"If the US leads a military intervention, this will have dangerous consequences. It will bring chaos and the region will burn," he said.
A year ago, President Obama said that any attempt by Syria to use its chemical weapons would be a "red line" for the US, and change his administration’s "calculus" in the region.’

BBC News, 25 August 2013


’Davos 2013 : Carney says next two years decisive for banks

International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Lagarde, who was present on the panel alongside Mr Carney, also said that the European Central Bank had to keep its monetary toolbox open.
Ms Lagarde warned against the "risks of relapse", urging countries to keep up with reforms, especially in the eurozone, to pursue banking and fiscal union while keeping pace with structural reforms.
She said 2013 was "not going be a walk in the park. " for the euro area but would be far better than last year.’

BBC News, 26 Jan. 2013


Everyday usage

That exam was a walk in the park. I knew all the answers.

Our football match was a walk in the park compared to last week’s game.

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