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to hit the ground running

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a) to do nothing

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b) to start immediately

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If someone ‘hits the ground running’, it means that they have begun work as soon as possible without delay or with immediate success.

French translation

démarrer sur les chapeaux de roues

How NOT to translate : *frapper le sol en courant


Examples in context

‘India’s Narendra Modi asks ministers to set ’100-day agenda’

‘Media reports, quoting unnamed officials, said Mr Modi had listed 10 priorities in his cabinet meeting, asking his ministers to build confidence in the bureaucracy, ensure greater transparency in governance and focus on education, health, water, energy and roads.
Mr Naidu said the cabinet had decided to convene a week-long parliamentary session from 4 June to 11 June.
The lower house will elect a new speaker on 6 June and the president will address a joint session on 9 June, he added. Correspondents say since his swearing-in on Monday evening, Mr Modi has hit the ground running. On Tuesday, he met leaders of all the seven South Asian countries and also Mauritius for bilateral talks.’

BBC News, 29 May 2014


‘Rugby World Cup shows commercial clout’

As this summer’s football World Cup limps uncertainly to the starting line, the final phase of organisation for another global sporting event - the 2015 Rugby World Cup - hit the ground running.
A global trophy tour, ticket and hospitality sales programmes, as well as groundbreaking broadcasting deals, have all set the tone for the 16-month run-in to England 2015.
Add in the finalisation of a volunteering programme, dubbed The Pack, and it is little wonder that organisers are confident next September’s event will be the most successful from both a commercial and sporting point of view.’

BBC News, 13 May 2014


Everyday usage

Jack hit the ground running with his training.

They found that she hit the ground running on her first day in the office.

c) to flee

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