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full of beans

full of beans UK

Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

Choose the correct definition a, b or c.

a) appearing jealous ; appearing envious

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b) having a lot of money

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c) having a lot of energy and enthusiasm

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Being full of beans means being very energetic or having a lot of enthusiasm.

French translation  

déborder d’énergie, d’enthousiasme ; avoir la pêche

Examples in use

’Britain is full of beans as record numbers join the Grow Your Own revolution, finds Gardeners’ World Magazine.’

BBC Worldwide Press Releases, 22 Nov. 2011

’I recall Cameron slipping away from his guests occasionally to take calls, and his mounting sadness during the afternoon as he realised that Laws would have to go. Otherwise, only 18 days into his premiership, he was full of beans, delighted by the way that the two parties were cooperating in the boxfresh Coalition, and very much the genial host.’

The Telegraph, 22 Nov. 2011

Everyday usage

I’ve never met anyone so full of beans before breakfast.

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