a bit of oomph !

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a) energy

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oomph means energy ; vitality ; enthusiasm. The slang or informal term also refers to sex appeal.

French translation

fougue, tonus, vitalité, gnaque


Examples in context

‘Voltron : Legendary Defender – cartoon reboot deserves a hero’s welcome

Is it good ? Yeah, it is.

Is that your nostalgia talking ? Maybe a little bit. I was a huge fan as a kid but don’t remember many of the particulars. I still enjoy watching the odd animated show that is intended for children (as opposed to The Simpsons, Family Guy or BoJack Horseman), and Voltron : Legendary Defender is a pretty good one. The executive producers, Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos, veterans of the truly excellent Avatar : The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, have found a way to keep the best things about the original and add a little bit of extra oomph for the short attention spans of the iPhone generation.’

The Guardian, 10 June 2016


‘PS4 Pro, PS4 Slim : Where is Sony going ? A hands-on look

This week, Sony officially unveiled the next iterations of the PlayStation 4 : a physically smaller version of the core PS4, unofficially called the PlayStation 4 Slim, and a more powerful evolution of the console, known as the PlayStation 4 Pro.


Sony says the PlayStation 4 Pro will bring some added visual oomph to games even on standard 1080p HDTVs and will offer “higher or more stable frame rates for some supported titles.” I didn’t see this in action, though, so it’s hard to judge.’

The Herald Tribune, 9 Sept. 2016


Everyday usage

How do you make the ordinary extraordinary ? With a little bit of oomph !.

With stronger muscles, you’ll have more oomph for cardio activities !

It’s important to have a person with some oomph in charge of the department.

b) laughter

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c) disaster

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